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Prime Fish

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Portuguese Sardines  -  

Whole fish, ideal for the barbecue.  High in Omega 3.
Red Snapper  -   (8 x 140-200g)  Cooking Instruction
Skin on boneless supremes of this popular fish from the south seas.

Dover Soles  -   (6 x 14-16oz)   
Pan ready whole fish that have been gutted and air-blast frozen.
Red Snapper
Monkfish Fillets  -   (1.6kg) 
Boneless tail fillets with a firm texture and delicate flavour.
Salmon Supremes Salmon Supremes   -  (10 x 170-200g)  Cooking Instruction
Deep skinned, boneless salmon supremes from Norway or Scotland (as available).

Whole Seabass  -   (6 x 300-400g)  Cooking Instruction
Scaled and gutted whole fish.  Ready to season, marinate or fill as you wish.
Halibut Steaks  -  (8 x 170-230g)  Cooking Instruction
Prime, traditional steaks cut from select halibut.

Rainbow Trout  -  (10 x 200-255g) 
Meaty, pink fleshed Rainbow Trout, gutted, gilled and cleaned ready for the oven.

Exotic Fish Steaks  -  (8 x 140-170g)  
A selection of fish steaks which may include, tuna, swordfish, barramundi,
mahi mahi, red snapper.
Pink Rainbow Trout

Tilapia Fillets  - 
(1.5kg)  Cooking Instruction

Skinless, boneless whole fillets cut from freshwater black tilapia.  
Excellent delicate flavour and texture.
Swordfish Steaks Tuna Supremes  -   (8 x 140-200g) 
Skinless and boneless steaks.

Swordfish Loins  (8 x 170-227g)   Cooking Instruction
Skinless and boneless supremes.

Hake Fillets  -  
(10 x 170-200g)  

Boneless, skinless fillets.

Seabass Fillets  - 
(8 x 250g)   Cooking Instruction

Thick, boneless fillets of Seabass.

Cod Loins Cod Loins  -   (1.5kg) 
Boneless, skinless cod supremes.

Plaice Fillets  - 
Skin on plaice fillets.

Mixed Fillets   -  (1.6kg) 
A selection of plaice, cod and haddock fillets.
Haddock Fillets  -  (1.6kg)   
Skin on boneless fillets.



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