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Smoked Seafoods

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Scottish Smoked Salmon Slices Scottish Smoked Salmon Slices  -  (8 x 100g)
Traditional oak-smoked Scottish salmon cut into long slices.

Natural Smoked Kipper Fillets  -  (10 x 150g)   Cooking Instruction 
Oak-smoked undyed Kipper fillets.
Smoked Haddock Fillets  -  (1.4kg)  
Finest & freshest natural Oak Smoked Haddock.   No artificial colouring used.
Smoked Trout Smoked Trout Fillets  -  (10 x 110-130g)   Cooking Instruction
Boneless fillets of smoked trout.  

Smoked Mackerel  -  (18 x 60-100g)   Cooking Instruction


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