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Everyday Seafood

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Haddock Fillets, Plaice Fillets, Cod Loins  - 
Superior quality boneless fish - air blast frozen to lock in flavour, natural juices and preserve texture.

Hake Fillets  - 
(10 x 170-200g) 
White meaty skinless hake fillets from the clean, cold waters of the South Atlantic.

Haddock Provence  - 
(10 x 140-170g)  Cooking Instruction

North Sea Haddock fillets with a light coating of lemon and herbs.

Haddock Meuniére  - 
(10 x 140-170g)  Cooking Instruction

North Sea Haddock fillets with a light coating of lemon and cracked peppercorn.

Mixed Dusted Fillets  - 
(10x 140-170g)  Cooking Instruction

6 of each, haddock provence and haddock meuniére.

Breaded Plaice filled with Prawns, Mushrooms & Chardonnay Sauce  - 
 (8 x 200g)    Cooking Instruction
Two black skin-off, boneless fillets placed together with a filling of Prawn meat, diced Mushrooms and a White Wine sauce coated in breadcrumbs
Tempura Battered Hake Tempura Battered Hake -  (12 x 110-140g)  Cooking Instruction
Skinless and boneless fillet of hake, fished from the cold waters of the South Atlantic, coated in a light tempura batter.  A great alternative to battered cod.

Haddock Florentine   -  (10 x 150g)  Cooking Instruction
A moist haddock fillet topped with a delicious combination of spinach and cheddar cheese, enrobed in a crisp oven-bake crumb.

Breaded Plaice  - 
(10 x 170g)
Skinless and boneless double plaice fillet coated in a light and crispy breadcrumb.

Sole Meuniére  - 
(10 fillets 1.4kg)  Cooking Instruction

Paired fillets of sole coated with a light lemon and parsley flavoured dusting.

Beer Battered Cod  - 
(10 x 170-200g) 
Skin on cod fillet in a light oven bake batter.

Mixed Breaded Box  - 
(8-10 x 150g) 
A selection of plain fish and filled fish in an oven bake crumb.

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