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Gourmet Specialities

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Beef & Guinness Parcels
 -  (12 x 250g
Tender chunks of beef with mushrooms and onions, cooked in Guinness and wrapped in a light puff pastry.
  Woodland Duck  -  (8 x 320g
A succulent breast of duck marinated in orange and basil, topped with fruits and served with a rich blackberry and port sauce.
Minted Lamb Parcels  -  (12 x 250g
Tender chunks of lamb in a succulent mint sauce all wrapped in a light puff pastry.

Trout Royale   - 
(8   x 140-170g)
A skinless pink rainbow trout fillet topped with creme fraiche, smoked bacon & shallots.
Highland Plaice  -  (8 x 160g)  Cooking Instruction
'Pocketed' plaice fillets filled with a creamy salmon mousse and topped with fresh salmon.

Seafood Roulade - Scallop & Crab   -  (10 x 140g) 
A fillet of sole wrapped around a filling of scallop and crab, butter basted ready for baking.

Highland Plaice
Breaded Plaice with Prawn, Mushroom and Wine Sauce
Breaded Plaice with Prawn, Cooking Instruction
Mushroom and Chardonnay Sauce Filling  - 
(8 x 200g) 


Beef Bourguignon  -  (10 x 285g
Tender chunks of lean beef simmered in red wine, with onions, mushrooms and herbs - finished with a kiss of cognac.
  Woodcutters Chicken  -  (10 x 300g
Breast of Chicken cooked in an extravagant amount of Red Wine, with Mushrooms & Herbs.
Gammon & Apricots  -  (10 x 280g
Medallions of Gammon in a rich wine sauce with Apricots, Raisins & Ginger.
  Glastonbury Lamb  -  (10 x 280g
Tender chunks of Lamb simmered in a rich sauce with sherry, mint, Mushrooms and leeks.


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