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Shellfish / Appetizers

Cooking Instruction   -  Indicates cooking instructions are available.

Gambas  -  (2kg)
Raw, shell-on king prawns with a great texture.  Perfect for that special recipe.

Deluxe Peeled Prawns Deluxe Salad Prawns  -  (1.6kg)
Cooked and peeled premium cold water prawns ideal for prawn cocktail and other dishes where the full flavour can be appreciated.

Tempura Battered Prawns  -  (1kg)  Cooking Instruction
Succulent prawns coated in a tempura batter.  Supplied with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.  (Ovenbake)
Tempura Battered Prawns
Breaded Wholetail Scampi Breaded Wholetail Scampi  -  (1.6kg)   Cooking Instruction
Large wholetail scampi coated in a light, ovenbake breadcrumb.

Greenlip Mussels  -  (2kg)  Cooking Instruction
Large, cooked 1/2 shell mussels from the clean, cold waters of New Zealand
Scallops  -  (1.5kg)   Cooking Instruction
Large superior quality roeless scallops from America.  Unsoaked, low glaze with a fabulous flavour.
Premium Scallops
Lobster Tails Lobster Tails  -  (8 x 170g)  
Raw rock lobster tails presented in their shells.


Crevettes  - 

Large, whole, cooked prawns with maximum flavour



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