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Meat & Poultry

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Chicken Cordon Bleu   -  (8 x 200g)  Cooking Instruction
A whole chicken breast filled with ham and cheese in a creamy sauce.
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Luxury Chicken Kiev   - 
(8 x 198g)
A whole breaded chicken breast filled with garlic butter.  The most tender kiev on the market.
Breaded Chicken Goujons Breaded Chicken Goujons   -  (1.8kg)  Cooking Instruction
Skinless & boneless chicken inner fillets lightly seasoned for extra flavour and coated in a crispy breadcrumb.

Chicken Kiev   -  (10 x 160g)  Cooking Instruction
Pure white breast meat reformed around a delicious garlic sauce.

Chicken Strips   -  (2kg)
Sweet, tender fillets taken from under the breast and individually frozen.  Ideal for stir-fry's, casseroles and kebabs.

Barbary Duck Breasts   -  (10 x 200g)  Cooking Instruction
Finest quality Barbary duck breast - ideal for dinner parties.
Barbary Duck Breast
Fillet Steak en Croute
Fillet Steak en Croute   - 
(10 x 246g)
  Cooking Instruction
A prime fillet steak topped with a fusion of mushrooms and pat´┐Ż spiked with brandy, and individually wrapped in a puff pastry case.

Beef & Guinness Parcels  -  (10 x 250g
Tender chunks of beef with mushrooms and onions, cooked in Guinness and wrapped in a light puff pastry.

Minted Lamb Parcel   - 
(10 x 250g)   Cooking Instruction

Tender chunks of lamb in a succulent mint sauce all wrapped in puff pastry.

Rack of Lamb   -  (8 x 230g) 
The most tender 4 bone racks, trimmed and oven ready.


Chicken Wellington
Crispy Roast Duck Chinese Crispy Duck  -  (4 x 300g)  Cooking Instruction
Chinese style ready cooked and boned Duckling together with Pancakes and Hoisin sauce.

Great British Steaks   - 
(8 x 8oz)
Choose from the finest fillet, tender sirloin, or succulent ribeye cuts.

Barbecue Ribs   -  (8 x 250g)  Cooking Instruction
Half rack of pork ribs marinated in a delicious hickory smoked sauce.
Fillet Steak

Beef Burgers   - 
(15 x 170g)   Cooking Instruction
Half pound burgers made with 99% beef, flavoured with a subtle combination of herbs and spices.
Butterfly Chicken Lemon & Pepper Butterfly Breast of Chicken  -  (8 x 213g)
Marinade flavoured with lemon & cracked pepper.

Minted Lamb Burger   - 
(18 x 110g)  
An ideal, tasty alternative for the barbecue.

Plain or Minted Lamb Chump Steaks   - 
(8 x 230g)
Lamb chump steak. Plain or covered in a tasty mint marinade.

Woodland Duck  -  (8 x 320g
A succulent breast of duck marinated in orange and basil, topped with fruits and served with a rich blackberry and port sauce.

Breaded Chicken Breasts Breaded Chicken Breasts  -   (2Kg
Prime matured chicken breast fillets light seasoned and covered in breadcrumbs.



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